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  Be assured, if you walk with Him, and look to Him, and expect help from Him, He will never fail you.
̵George Mueller
  Original Teaching Series

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses
entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.
2 Timothy 2:2 


God has hidden the mysteries of the kingdom for His children to search them out. This guide is a treasure map – leading you to these mysteries and teaching you how to apply them. We anticipate that you will in turn share them with others. In this way, God promises to transform you and those within your spheres of influence. This is our hope and prayer for the church in America: That she will be transformed into the very image of Christ; and that disciple making will once again become a major focus of the church.

Original Teaching Series Resources

Lesson 1 – Searching Out the Matter

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter (Prov. 25:2).  We have been given the invitation, privilege and command to be stewards of the mysteries of God (1Cor. 4:1-2).  This section introduces the keys to responsible and fruitful searching.

Lesson 2 – Intimacy with God – Restored Relationship

Restoring the relationship we lost in the Fall requires a renewed perspective on the discipline of prayer. Loving Him requires knowing Him. Knowing Him requires a relational conversation. This is true prayer. So, how do we pray the way God intended? How do we pray in a way that accomplishes much?

Lession 3 – The Adventure Begins

A more in-depth look at the transformation process, and its relationship with the other processes of man’s redemption – salvation, sanctification, belief. Also, an introduction to the curriculum syllabus – designed for finding joyful, Spirit-filled ministry.

Lesson 4 – Finding His Purpose by Surrendering to His Reign

The ultimate purposes of God go far beyond the salvation of man. He fully intends to restore all that was lost in our Fall: relationship, habitation and reign. This is fully accomplished at the end of the story – The Revelation of Jesus Christ. In the meantime, God has placed desires in our hearts that He intends to give us (Psalm 37:4). As we become soft towards Him, these desires become His purposes. Surrendering is easier when we understand the Gospel of the Kingdom, its place in the Story, and our place in it.

Lesson 5 – The Church He is Building

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit desire a habitation – described in the New Testament as the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ and the church. Jesus has been praying for the unity of His Body for 2000+ years. His vision for our fellowship is revealed in Ephesians 4, Acts 2 and the “one another” verses.

Lesson 6 – Identity and Influence

Every Leader in the Workplace is a gift to the church for this season. We will seek to understand and embrace our identity within the spheres of influence we have been given. This is critical if we are to fully enjoy God’s purpose for our lives. We will also explore the concept of servant leadership in the hierarchy and functions God has ordained.

Lesson 7 – Counting the Cost – Our Investment

From the world’s perspective, the cost of discipleship is a high price to pay. We will face the challenge head on – counting the cost of the call. Much of the victory is receiving the truth that will destroy the deceptions of our enemies – satan, the world and our flesh.

Lesson 8 – Navigating the Chaos

Why do people fear change? Because every transformation includes a period of chaos. This is a natural component of God’s work in transforming us into His Son’s image. It is encouraging to know that it has value. In this lesson, we will explore the ways God would have us navigate the chaos to His and our advantage.

Lesson 9 – Workplace Ministry Formation

As God reveals His plan for accomplishing the purpose He has for each of us, we discover that He has His own way for getting things done. His ways – though sometimes uncomfortable – are the best ways. In today’s lesson we will explore two more of His ways: The way of unity and the way of making disciples. Both are critical to the formation of marketplace ministry in a church, community, business or other marketplace setting (e.g., school board, government office).

Lesson 10 – The Life that Glorifies Our Father in Heaven (Part 1)

To discover the life that glorifies the Father, we begin by exploring the life that Christ lived on the Earth. We will find that it was a life filled with the glory of His Father, both in the Father’s life that dwelt in Him and in the Father’s pleasure in His Son. We will see that the oneness and glory that they share is intended for His other sons (and daughters) through the exchange of our lives for His.

Lesson 11 – The Life that Glorifies Our Father in Heaven (Part 2)

As we continue to explore the mystery of the life that glorifies God, we will discover an abundance of God’s promises that enable that life and result from it. We will also seek to understand where we might start this great adventure.

Lesson 12 – Fearful and Courageous

All followers of Jesus Christ eventually recognize that there is a fierce battle being waged for the Kingdom of God. This module explores the Bible’s great encouragements for those engaged in the battle, and God’s way for fighting our enemies. One of our enemies greatest weapons is fear. But God has reserved fear for Himself, alone. Ungodly fear can paralyze us. Godly fear empowers us. The truth of this in the Kingdom of God is particularly important, for much is at stake. The leaders’ responsibility is to wade into the battle with truth, faith and courage, encouraging others to do the same.


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