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The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.
— King David, in Psalm 19:1
  Frequently Asked Questions  
  And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having
all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.
2 Corinthians 9:8 

Am I a Leader in the Workplace?

Leaders in the Workplace are a Christians in business, education, government, medicine, etc. that have God given influence, authority and resources for advancing His kingdom, bringing glory to His name, and unifying the Body of Christ.

These individuals have been providentially chosen to lead the spiritual transformation of their communities. They understand and embrace the dynamics of change needed in a transformation agent; and, as the most influential leaders in their communities, they are positioned to be disciple makers.

How do you minister to Leaders in the Workplace?

inLight Consulting ministers to Leaders in the Workplace in one-on-one and group settings. One-on-one ministry is time intensive and, therefore, requires a definite leading from the Lord. If you feel this is God’s desire for you and your sphere of influence, contact us to arrange an initial presentation and interview.

There are a number of opportunities for group discipleship in Workplace ministry. Some are sponsored by inLight; others are provided by our ministry partners. It would be a blessing to help you find a group that will empower your Workplace mission.

Through this website, we provide resources for self study, and for Leaders in the Workplace to use in their own study groups. Most of these resources can be found in the training resources section. The inLight Adventure Blog and our weekly emails provide challenging insights into the state of the church and its ministry in the Workplace. Join our community to begin receiving our emails.

The Map Maker is now available. Written in two parts – a parable and its meaning – The Map Maker will challenge and empower you to make disciples and transform your community. You can find out more about The Map Maker here.

Why is transformation so important to your mission?

As presented in 2Corinthians 3:18, transformation is God’s way, through the Holy Spirit, of maturing His children into the full image of Christ. Many Christians get “stuck” in an immature stage because they do not know that transformation is necessary; and the difficulties encountered are normal and required. One of the key responsibilities of a disciple maker is encouraging and edifying another through the adventures of transformation.

Why is disciple making so important to your mission?

Disciple making is the primary function we have been given as followers of Christ in the world for the restoration of what God lost in the Garden of Eden: His reign over mankind, His intimate relationship with mankind, and His habitation within mankind. It is through disciple making that we participate with our Father in Heaven in this great work. It is our Great Commission – our job description, so to speak.

Sadly, most in the church have a reduced concept of disciple making. It has become evangelism and teaching. Evangelism is merely a subset of disciple making – only a part. And “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you” is more than just presenting the facts to someone. Disciple making is closer to apprenticing than what we in the 21st Century mean by teaching.

One last, and very significant, thought: Disciple making is more than a program (where I spend a certain amount of time with someone for Bible Study). There will be some that I will be called to disciple in this way, but disciple making is so much more. For example, it can happen in the midst of a business meeting and in a two minute encouragement with a stranger in the grocery line.

Disciple making is a lifestyle. It is the thing we do at inLight Consulting.

What is a sphere of influence?

There are no coincidences for God’s children.  Leaders in the Workplace must recognize that individuals within their spheres of influence are there by God’s providence.  These may be subordinates, partners, peers, and/or others they serve or lead.  Here are some examples:

  1. Elected Official
    1. Constituents
    2. Caucus
    3. Supporters/Donors
    4. Staff
  2. Business Owner
    1. Partners
    2. Employees
    3. Peers
    4. Customers
  3. School Principal
    1. Teachers
    2. Staff
    3. Student leadership groups
  4. Teacher
    1. Students
    2. Families of their students
    3. Peers
  5. Lawyer
    1. Office staff
    2. Clients
    3. Peers
  6. Workplace Bible Study Leader
    1. Members
    2. Peers
  7. Church or Civic Association Chairperson
    1. Other officers
    2. Members

With such a wide range of possibilities, it is important to seek the Lord’s direction in regards to those whom He would have us formally disciple.  inLight Consulting provides instruction, encouragement, prayer support and tools to aid the Leaders in the Workplace in their exploration of this with the Lord.

What does transformation look like in the Workplace?

The following are evidences of transformation.  They are not in a particular order.  Nor will they all appear in the same magnitude.  Transformation is a dynamic process that looks different for every group.

  1. Christ is on the throne of everyone’s heart;
  2. Leaders have surrendered to the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives, and they are encouraging other to do the same;
  3. Leaders are committed to making disciples of those with whom God has given them influence;
  4. God’s glory is the paramount desire;
  5. There is a unity of faith and purpose;
  6. The disciplines of Bible study, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer are being practiced intentionally and in community;
  7. Leaders understand the investment God has made in them – and the power He has toward them;
  8. Disciples of Christ, their fellowships, and their communities are being transformed from glory to glory;
  9. The life of Christ is shining in their work;
  10. The mysteries and good news of the Kingdom is being searched out;
  11. Leaders are making disciples that are making disciples, that are making disciples, etc.;
  12. The experience of joyful, Spirit-filled ministry is evident.
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